Financial Consultant

Job description

Financial consultants responsible for understanding customer demand for loans, understanding of customer funds goal, to provide the best loan program based on the expertise and regulatory standards.

Job Requirements

 -Good communication skills and teamwork awareness

 - Discover potential customers, establish and develop customer sources, maintain customer relationships, and tailor financial financing consulting solutions for clients

 - Provide telephone consultation and face-to-face consultation services for customers

 - Ability to actively solve problems and complete work tasks

 - Responsible, self-motivated, time management concept and self-discipline

 - Chinese and English request, Korean, Spanish or other dialect is a bouns option.

 - Familiar with the basic computer software

extra information

We will appreciate your talent, we will adopt your Idea, we will find your bright spot, and keeps you shine.

Based on your performance, we will provide an H1B  Visa.


Salary: basic salary + high commission (negotiable)


Job type: Full time or internship